Praise for Soul Path Way

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SoulPathCover5b“Kay Taylor is a clear and compassionate intuitive guide who has been a wonderful support for our family for many years. Her deep sense of knowing and her ability to articulate wisdom is precise, grounded and accurate. “Soul Path Way” brings real grounded guidance to heal, release and live life with a deep connection to the ever-present love of the divine. A gift we will share with many!”

—Lauren & Rick Allen, drummer of Def Leppard

“What a refreshing perspective and immensely valuable offering! In her new book, Soul Path Way, Kay Taylor provides lucid, honest, and unpretentious spiritual guidance to access the core of our true calling. It seems obvious that she has twisted her ankles a few times, walking herself this path to self-realization, and has humor about our inevitable dramas. But as she weaves the path through the maze of life, drawing on the ancient wisdom of Astrology, Yogic philosophy, and Western spirituality, among other spiritual frameworks, Kay provides tangible tools to truly access the extraordinary, our individual Soul Destiny.”

— Maurice Fernandez, author of Astrology & the Evolution of Consciousness

‘In this book, Kay Taylor has developed her own vision of evolutionary astrology, presenting expansive meditation practices and spiritual teachings, conveyed with gentle humor and refreshing emotional honesty and truthfulness. Those who make the effort to transform themselves through Kay’s guidance will feel richly rewarded as they come to a clearer understanding of their life’s purpose and direction. Soul Path Way invites and inspires readers to embark upon an enlightening inner journey, where astrology becomes a vehicle for awakening.’

—Greg Bogart, author of Planets in Therapy and Astrology and Meditation: The Fearless Contemplation of Change

Soul Path Way brings us a wealth of wisdom—not the wisdom of a renunciate but of a spirituality integrated with the glories and challenges of the human experience. Having worked with Kay Taylor on my own soul path, healing and evolution for over fifteen years, I can attest that the inspiring and engaging words in this book are grounded in ‘real living’ and that the insights and guidance are authentic. I can attest that her wisdom and ways will have profound impact on lives touched! If you have been looking for a fresh and powerful voice in the tradition of writers and inspirations like Wayne Dyer (who cherish and believe that we are ‘infinite spiritual beings having temporary human experiences’) look no further. Herein you have found an exciting new source of wisdom, activations and processes that will greatly benefit your life and your evolution. People define success in different ways. In this book, you will find an implicit definition of success based on understanding the strengths and challenges you bring into this lifetime as well as awakening and living your true soul path, a path that will take you on an exhilarating journey of life realized and lived to your fullest. Soul Path Way will help you to not only activate love in your life but to truly love your life!”

Halfdan Hussey, Co-founder & CEO of Cinequest

Kay Taylor is a brilliant, intuitive and knowledgeable guide to soul’s purpose. Her one-on-one work is vital, always encouraging and life-changing–helping us risk and dare and yet feel safe along the way. She has helped thousands of people in classes and sessions. Now we are blessed with her book reflecting years of study and practice–a gift to anyone seeking to understand who they are at the deepest levels, where they are in the world, and what they most need to do to live the fullest and most valuable life possible. Kay provides specific practices and steps to help us each move forward on our soul’s path while keeping a balance in our daily lives. The guidance we sense when we enter the pages of her book serves to remind us that we are never alone on our path, and even with setbacks, we are already well on our way.”

—Susan G. Wooldridge, author of poemcrazy

“Kay Taylor has been an impeccable guide for me for over a decade and her uncanny inner sight is time and again confirmed by outer events. In short, Kay is a trustworthy healer, teacher and intuitive. This book is in Kay’s warm, encouraging no-nonsense voice. I highly recommend it to people seeking a grounded and effective path to wholeness, who want to be divine and ordinary in equal measure.”

—Vicki Robin coauthor Your Money or Your Life and author Blessing the hands that Feed Us


Praise from attendees of Kay Taylor’s Soul Path Breakthrough workshop series

“Soul Path is the most instrumental learning tool that I’ve ever experienced for finding self-awareness and perspective in life. After this twelve week course, I know I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what this experience has given me. I know I will refer back to it often throughout my life – in times of happiness, sadness, crossroads and joy. I am completely grateful to Kay for sharing her insight and knowledge so openly and compassionately. Soul Path is truly a gift to yourself, a gift that will last a lifetime.”


“After almost a decade experiencing discouragement, frustration and hopelessness, the Soul Path workshop helped me to find my center. It turns out to be a place of inner peace and optimism and outward vibrancy. I thought the course would help me identify the parts of my life that needed to change but instead I found renewed gratitude and enthusiasm for the life I already have and fearlessly look forward to possibilities that lay ahead.”


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