New Year 2018

As the year flickers to an end, and the vibrations of 2018 begin to captivate us, I wish you peace, joy, surrender and many blessings. I’ll use any excuse to ponder life–a solstice, a birthday, an eclipse–and definitely a new calendar year. What has the past year brought? What is my intention for the upcoming […]

Truth and More Truth

In October the planet Jupiter came into the sign of Scorpio for one year, an energetic cycle we grapple with every twelve years. Think back. End of 2005 through 2006. End of 1993 through 1994. How was your life personally? Do you remember what was happening in the world around you.   With this new […]

Staying Positive – Knowing Reality

I am looking for the positive. I know that all I have is this moment and my attitude toward it. Breath. Life. The capacity to be. Sometimes I latch onto small astrological hopeful signs. Uranus will move into Taurus next year. Creative solutions to earthly problems. Genius. The unexpected. An olive branch extended from the […]

Navigating the Eclipse Path of the Heart

By now you’d have to be living under a rock to not know there is a major eclipse on August 21st that will actually travel visibly across the U.S. We experience eclipses every six months. The signs change every eighteen months or so indicating different or new growth cycles. Although new moons and full moons […]

Foggy moments in the Crazy Lands: Let’s Stay Grounded

Like reports of heffalumps from distant exotic lands, I am receiving status reports from everywhere about transcendent moments of spaciness that are so extreme, you might wonder if you’re safe to drive, or even walk. Some of us are falling over, apparently losing touch with gravity. Another walked into a room, looked at a clock […]

Pisces Eclipse of February 26… Plus the Battle of Dark and Light

The eclipse of February 26th is still operational, and will continue to trigger change, especially every three months (June and September 2017 especially).  What have you been thinking about? What changes seem to be thrust upon you? This powerhouse of solar eclipse, plus fire planets triggering change at the same time, occurred at 8/9 degrees of […]

Create or Surrender?

We are creative beings, souls manifesting through the vision of physical reality. The creation of our body and our life is inspired by who we are at this level. Then, all of our human thoughts, words and actions continue to create our reality, which will be as jumbled as our thoughts are. As our mind […]

Election 2016

Through my heart: I have been processing the results of the American election. Many of you have asked me to explain what happened and I’ve been trying to write about it in a way that is not overly political because I recognize that although most of you did not support Trump some of you did, […]

Going Forward with the Brakes On

Life changes. Sometimes fast; sometimes slow. We prefer some experiences; others not so much. This is one of those times when the intensity faucet is turned on full blast. Even if you’re managing, people around you may be needing extra levels of compassion and support.  As I write this Mercury is about to turn retrograde. Saturn, […]

Say No to Astro Fear

You check out your favorite astrology site, hoping for an inspirational message, or maybe just trying to make sense of how you’re feeling and … Wham! You read about the latest shenanigans of Saturn, Pluto or another sinister sounding line up. The forecast seems to be all bad, with little hope of relief. ’This will […]

2016 – The Year Ahead

Are you ready to ride the some waves of change? 2016 is one of those years where magical transitions could blossom faster than we can keep up. This can be stressful, especially if we want to control life, maintain status quo, or even if we’re trying to start a new project with tide pools and […]