Brief Astrological Weather for May/June

Solar System Planets.

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Mid-May the surge of Aries fire and action energy started shifting into sensual and slower Taurus. The challenging T-square of structure (Saturn), transformation (Pluto) and radical change (Uranus) has all of us processing karmic patterns. What can we do when we have too much to do, too much to process? One day at a time, one issue at a time, breath by breath. Keep looking at what we’re afraid of, where we hold woundedness and fear of our own power and Light, and the rapid inner and outer change will astonish. Tell the truth, especially to yourself!

As we move into June, we have more planetary movement, back into eclipse season. June 1st there’s a Solar (New Moon) Eclipse mid-Gemini, then a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 15th at 25 degrees of Sagittarius, and July 1st another Solar Eclipse at 10 Cancer. Expect the changes triggered in this month to resonate throughout the summer, with another level of fruition in September. Think about starting your projects after the first of either month.

With Neptune in Pisces from April to August, we all need to be sure our spiritual needs are met in healthy ways, so that we don’t fall into numbing or illusional behaviors. Meditation, yoga, walks in nature, conscious dreaming, spiritually infused sex, transcendent creativity — take your pick or immerse in all. When Neptune comes back to stay in Pisces (February 4th 2012), I’m hoping we’ll deepen in our compassionate wisdom as a species. This is the spiritual balm to soothe the wounds of transformation if used wisely.

Additionally you might be noticing your own psychic powers are increasing. This will continue through the upcoming many years. Neptune will be in the sign of Pisces until 2026. Even though Neptune is often considered connected with lies and illusion, with global increasing intuitive power this becomes near to impossible. Truth will be known and we will need courage and compassion to deal with it.

News headlines are filled with ‘scandalous’ truths coming forward, from Arnold’s secret affair and baby to the IMF leader apparently being a serial sexual abuser. I say ‘scandalous’ in quotes because really, this is becoming commonplace, isn’t it? The truth about everything and everyone is coming forward as the fruit of the current astrological patterns in effect for many years. Revolution and evolution will occur because of everyone knowing the truth, via instant media. Then we’ll  know the truth through out own clear intuition and connection to higher truths. Before we point fingers at the famous people and their dramas, we are asked to look at our own level of honesty, integrity and clarity. Many of us are lucky our personal escapades aren’t plastered all over the internet.

For the last week of May I might suggest a meditation on assessing personal inventory, confronting fears and wounds, considering your own integrity level, and then taking clarifying action. By the time we get to July 1st, the eclipse in Cancer rounds out the Cardinal Cross begun last summer. Remember, at that time the transformative restructuring planets were in the first few degrees of Capricorn, Libra and Aries. Now they’ve all moved forward a few more degrees and the eclipse at 10 Cancer provides an energetic cross formation. Dynamic crossroads or feeling strung up on a cross? We get to choose.

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  • LRoss

    What is “spiritually infused sex?” 

  • Kay

    Often people think of spiritually infused sex as the tradition of tantra. Tantra actually is a whole body of eclectic and esoteric spiritual teachings in the Eastern traditions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jain, etc.) fundamentally dealing with the connection of spiritual energies and our earthly manifest forms, put incredibly simply for something vast. Here in the West though, many people are mostly familiar with the sexual part of tantra practice, where breathwork and conscious exploration of sexuality is part of a spiritual practice. In particular men learn to control their ejaculation/orgasm to be in an experience of pleasure and spiritual connection with their partner for very long periods of time. However, I do not believe one has to study tantra to shift their sexual practice to be more spiritually infused. Simple changes such as conscious breathing, matching your breath with your partner, holding the intention of sex being a sacred experience, staying very present and mindful throughout, making lots of eye (soul) contact, and even imagining your aura energies connecting while you connect at the point of the Higher Self for both of you (about 18″ above the head or higher). There is more, but these are some simple points to take sexuality from a body centered pleasurable activity into a spiritual infused practice.

  • Seaklaus

    @LRoss.  Eh, that would be sex infused with spirituality, not sex infused with spirits.

  • Kay

    Very funny, Seaklaus! You are right. It is not sex infused with spirits as in liquor! As a side issue I would add that spirit infused sex is not sex infused with ghost type spirits — entities jumping in, which also sometimes happen to some people. I’ve heard of more than one person who knows they have a spirit hanging around their aura who vicariously experiences sex through them. Sort of like a three-way with two bodies. I’ve also heard of spirits who are jealous of their person’s lovers and create havoc when one shows up for the evening. A good reason to keep one’s aura clear and boundaried. One body: one spirit — always a good idea. Remembering that we own our body and our energy field and we don’t have to let spirits tag along.